A progressive Presbyterian Church decided to host a religiously-devoted duo who travel across the country with their original religious women's conferences. The church was handed a very elaborate Technical Rider, which lists the technical requirements that the Church must provide for their appearance/presentation. The Church called upon us to fulfill these technical needs via Audio Visual Support.

SITE SURVEY: First, we executed a site survey at the Church in order to design the Audio Visual System based upon the show's Technical Rider, but yet with consideration for the logistics of the Church property.

NEGOTIATION (additional advantage to selecting Section One Audio Visual): Upon our site survey, we determined that the show's technical requirements were grossly overstated for a smaller venue such as this Church. Therefore, we contacted the presenters representatives directly, in the Church's interest, and not only customized the Audio Visual System for their specific property, but saved the Church a substantial amount of money at the same time.

THE PACKAGE: The Audio Visual arrangement included a full Audio System that harnessed the power that the presenters required, multiple Wireless Microphones (headset for spoken word, handheld for singing), specialty microphones for the piano, mixing console, a 10.5'x14' Video Projection Screen, and a very powerful projector (positioned in the balcony in the rear of the Church) that would overcome the fact that this Event was an all-day Event during sunny daylight hours in a Church with a lot of windows. The video media included PowerPoint, IMAG (live images of the presenters via a video camera), and DVD.

THE RESULT: A perfectly executed Event in a full house, greatly enjoyed by all in attendance.

Section One Audio Visual.. Tactical Technology.