A prominent Corporation holds a seminar for over 500 employees and other business associates at a gorgeous, upscale, medium-sized venue. The meeting took place in the main ballroom plus 2 adjacent wings that were all open to one another, one on the left and one on the right.

AUDIO SUPPORT: The client had several Executives who spoke, each of them being outfitted with their own Wireless Lavalier Microphone. There were also 2 well-known professional Presenters who were flown in from different parts of the country; both of them were outfitted with Wireless Microphones - one of the Presenters preferred a low-profile headset.microphone and one was more comfortable with the wireless lavalier, so we were happy to provide the appropriate equipment for each. All 4 microphones were mixed with consistent ideal audible levels, and the program was distributed into all 3 rooms, concisely and evenly.

VIDEO SUPPORT: Both Presenters had PowerPoint Presentations on their laptop - one from a PC laptop and one from a MACbook - which we integrated into our Video Switching System and then broadcasted the media to (2) 7.5'x10' Video Projection Screens in the main ballroom and a 7.5'x10' Video Projection Screen in each of the adjacent rooms. Front-projection was utilized in order to conserve the substantial amount of space to accommodate rear-projection - space which was not an option in these rooms with this number of persons. The Video Projectors were discreetly "flown" high in the air from the opposite side of the rooms, such that they were not only out of sight, but required a very small footprint, and alleviated the problems created by the commonly utilized front-projection - which is persons blocking the projection by walking in between the projector and the screen. Since the client wanted the attendees in the other rooms to feel that they are not "separated" from the Event by not being in the main ballroom, we provided a 60-inch Video Monitor in both of the adjacent rooms with Live Images (IMAG, or Image Magnification) of the Executives and Presenters via a live Video Camera and Camera Operator. In between Presentations, we displayed the company's logo. In addition, we displayed a creative animated design with the name of their Event, which we designed and created for them.

Although we offer both Staging and Podium, the stage and podium were both provided by the venue, but Stage Lighting was absent, so we provided the Lighting Design and the Theatrical Lighting in order to execute said Design. This was not only important for those attending to see the Executives and the Presenters very clearly, but also essential for the Live Camera.

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