Video is an element of Audio Visual Services which is one of the most critical elements of a Presentation or Performance. The standard foundation for a business presentation is the PowerPoint (or similar software). Your audience needs to see your message, so whether you just need one small Projection Screen for a group of 12 in a breakout room, or multiple 9' x 12' Video Projection Screens for a group of several hundred or a couple of thousand - We make it happen for you. We will determine what Audio Visual Equipment will be necessary to have a strong impact and design your ideal arrangement as such.

Make the Most of What You've Got...

We always encourage our clients to take advantage of the full potential of the Digital Signage or Video Projection Screens that we provide. Always keep the screens "live" with media. Whenever before, between, and after Presentations, we will project your company Logo - which we can transfer to Video for you. Unlike other Audio Visual companies, we also offer more dynamic options for your Logo, such as Logo animation to make your company Logo more visually stimulating, impressive, and "alive".

Mixing It Up ...

Expertise in Audio Visual Services is required to execute effective and timely Video Mixing with transitions between PowerPoint Presentations, company Logo, IMAG, and other sources for your Event. Our skilled technicians will execute transitions specific to your agenda.

Can Everyone See?...

When presenting to larger groups, we offer IMAG (Image Magnification) via one or more High-Definition (or Standard Definition) Video Cameras. IMAG is sometimes referred to as Live Images or Live Simulcast, and will provide live images of your Presenter(s) onto the Video Screens. Our broadcast-quality Video Cameras and experienced Video Camera Operators make your Presentation or Performance a High-End Production.

Please view a sample of our Video Production which is embedded in our recent National Press Release -> New Jersey and Section One Audio Visual - Perfect Together - Miss New Jersey Pageant 2011

Videography Services (Corporate)

Not only do we provide all forms of Video Support during the course of an Event, but we also offer Professional Video Recording and Production. More often than not, a Presentation (or the like) is recorded as we are executing IMAG (Image Magnification). We offer complete Video Post-Production (Editing) for your footage, and when there is more than one Video Camera involved, that makes the product more interesting, visually stimulating and effective.

Video Pre-Production

Video Pre-Production refers to the creation of Video Elements that are intended to be presented at an Event. Some examples are: An Intro to a Presentation, a Promo for a Presentation, a Sponsors List, a Sponsored Advertisement, an Animated Company Logo or Animated Design for a Special Event, an Interview with a subject who is unable to attend the Event in person, or other things as needed or desired by our client. Section One Audio Visual provides full support.

Video Post-Production

Video Post-Production refers to the editing of Video Footage that is captured at an Event. Inside our Studio, we edit the footage for content, or both content and time. Elements, including DVD/Blu-Ray Menu, Titles, Transitions, and Special Effects are added to it. The result is a polished, professional product that can be utilized for business promotion/ marketing (such as for prospective customers or for persons who were unable to attend the Event in person) and/or for personal use. Section One Audio Visual provides full support.

Logo to Video

We can create a Video version of a Company's Logo and present it on the Video Screens at a client's Event whenever it is not in use during a Presentation. This is not uncommon. However, we take this a step further by offering an Animated Company Logo, with Motion Graphics.

Promotional Video

Some companies like to have a Promotional Video created for marketing purposes. We provide everything needed: Concept, Script-Writing, Location Scouting, Voiceover Talent, Casting(if applicable), Green Screen, and more. These Videos can be utilized for Television Commercial, Trade Shows, Direct Mail, and/or published to the company website and elsewhere on the web. Section One Audio Visual provides full support.

Videography Services (Wedding & Social Event)

We provide Professional Video Services not only for Corporate Events, but for Weddings and other Special Events. Standard or custom Video Packages are available. Call today for more information. View a clip of our multiple-camera shoot at a Wedding that included one of our Special Effects, the ethereal Low Fog along with Event Lighting. Visit our Special Effects page and click on the 'Low Fog' Video or simply click here. Please visit our Lighting page for more information about Special Event Lighting.

Video Projects - Other

We provide Video Recording Services for other projects, including (but not limited to) Photo Montage, Legal Deposition, and more.

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